Kō ahau, kō mātou, kō tātou

Empowering our learning community to connect, grow, flourish


The Te Hū o Kākāpōtahi Kāhui Ako Stewardship Group provides governance support to the Lead Principal in helping to deliver our vision and achievement challenges. The Stewardship Group is comprised of a school board trustee from each school as well as principal and early childhood centre representatives. It is chaired by Keith Tallentire.

The Lead Principal works with the Kāhui Ako Leadership Group, which involves all school principals and early childhood centre managers, to guide the work of the Kāhui Ako and ensure the strategic plan is being implemented. The Leadership Group is chaired by Meredith Devonald (Darfield Primary School).



Marty is a father of three, primary school principal and sport nut.  Marty’s and his wife Delia, currently reside in Hororata, where he has held the position of Principal at Hororata Primary School since 2000.  

He has a comprehensive knowledge of all curricula and a strong understanding of a child’s academic and social development, having taught at all primary school levels and governed at a secondary level.  He has a passion for STEAM education, Maori, Physical Education and the Key Competencies, and takes every opportunity he gets to be at the chalk-face, to share this with fellow teachers and students.  

As an experienced teacher he has worked within numerous education advisory groups over the past 25 years and has been fortunate to have been awarded two Principal’s Sabbatical, focusing on Governance, Leadership and Constructivist Learning Theory. 

He has been a part of the Malvern Learning Community for 20 years and has held a number of roles and responsibilities in this time incl. Board Chairperson at Darfield High School, ESHAS Co-Leader, Canterbury Primary Sport Executive, Malvern Transport Director and Expert Principal.

Marty’s sense of humour, enthusiasm, energetic approach to life and commitment to teaching and learning enable him to create and maintain a positive learning environment in which students and staff can reach their true potential.


Our aim is to actively contribute as leaders and team members to support the collective direction of the Malvern Kahui Ako.


Mallory is a kaiako at Darfield High School where she teaches English. She is in her tenth year of teaching and entering into her third year as an Across-School Lead for Te Hū o Kākāpōtahi.

Mallory is a huge believer in the power of collaboration and absolutely loves bringing kaiako together to inspire, share, and bounce ideas off one another. 

This year, Mallory is really looking forward to continuing momentum across all of our Kāhui Ako PLD initiatives in a way that supports sustainable practice. She is particularly interested in the challenge put to kaiako by Janelle Riki-Waaka from CORE Education about giving mana to Te Tiriti o Waitangi: 

What should it look like, sound like, and feel like to walk into a learning community and know that we are in a school in Aotearoa New Zealand? 

Mallory is excited to explore this idea with you across all of our PLD initiatives.


Jane has been involved in education since leaving secondary school in both the primary and early childhood sectors.  She has taught in Malvern since 2007 and has been part of many educational initiatives within our area. Currently Jane is the Deputy Principal at Mātai Rangatira ~ Glentunnel School and a Year 2 kaiako. 

Jane keeps student wellbeing, voice and agency at the heart of what she does both as a learner and an educator. She thrives on professional learning and collaboration and has been privileged to lead Spirals of Inquiry in her kura for a number of years. Jane enjoys working with kaiako to develop an understanding of ways to adapt and evolve our pedagogy for continuous improvement.


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