Malvern Kāhui Ako | Te Hū o Kākāpōtahi | Current Initiatives

Our current focus is on coherent learning pathways, cultural competencies, literacy and whānau / community partnerships. Improving these areas will enable us to build collective capacity to advocate for Malvern ākonga / learners.

Each of our Across School Lead teachers (ASL's) are responsible for a specific aspect of learning across the Kāhui Ako:

Liz Carston | Literacy


Kay Kala | Cultural Responsiveness


Jane Wright | Inquiry


The ASL team along with the Within School Lead teachers (WSL's), the Leadership team and wider teaching community have a collective responsibility for transitions. These are the key stages for transition of pre-school to new entrant, Year 6 to Year 7 and lastly the transition to tertiary education.


Current Achievement Challenges:

  1. Lift achievement in Reading, for Boys (Years 1-8)
  2. Lift achievement in Writing, for all Year 1-8 learners
  3. Lift achievement in Writing, for Maori Year 1-8 learners
  4. Lift achievement in Writing, for boys in Years 1-8
  5. Lift achievement in NCEA Level 1 & 2 Endorsements

We are currently working towards meeting these challenges through the following initiatives:

  • Teachers inquiring into their own teacher practice (Teaching as Inquiry)
  • Storytelling Programme
  • Reading Together Programme
  • Community lessons - Te Reo and Tikanga
  • Exploring the use of the Progress and Consistency Tool (PACT) across the COL to enhance and enable teacher consistency of judgements
  • Sharing data between Kahui Ako members

Each school will use their charters to reflect the challenges and progress made. The Kahui Ako Lead Principal will report directly to the Stewardship Group which is composed of representatives from each Board of Trustees and ECE representation..

We will inform our wider community at least once per year on progress towards our achievement challenges.

You can read our latest Acheivement Challenge Submission here.