Malvern Kāhui Ako | Te Hū o Kākāpōtahi | Vision


To strengthen each learning providers’ ability to ensure that every child can reach their potential in Malvern.


Belonging to Malvern | Contributing to Society

To support all Malvern learners along their learning journey

This vision is underpinned by our belief as a community network, that if our learners have a sense of belonging in Malvern as they move from early childhood education to primary and secondary schooling, that they will be successful lifelong learners. In particular, the vision is linked to the Key Competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum and the Strands of Te Whāriki:

Participating and Contributing (being actively involved in our communities)

Contribution (Mana Tangata)

Belonging (Mana Whenua)

In supporting all learners, we aim to enrich learning journeys for all community members from ECE to secondary school. Enrichment of learning journeys is about more than linear pathways.

Underpinning our vision are a set of beliefs and values.


know that mistakes are learning opportunities,

are resilient,

learn from others,

believe learning is a journey,

ensure every learner has a choice,

take risks,

work together,

are problem solvers,

are critical thinkers,

empathise and enrich learning with others